We Love What We Do

Union Park Landscaping was started in April 2008 as Union Park Gardens. Two brothers, Matthew and Patrick, started the company to cut lawns in only the Wilmington area. The business grew to serve lawns across Delaware, and a few years into the business the brothers added landscaping services to their suite of offerings.

Union Park Landscaping is a family-run business at heart. The customer service is familial and the estimates and pricing always reasonable. Many of our first customers from 2008 in Union Park Gardens, the first neighborhood we ever served, are still customers to this day. Everything we do, we do to build your trust so that we can serve you not just once, but many times over a long span.

A Word From Patrick Keough, President | Contact Patrick directly at 302-757-5496

"You don't have to worry when UPL is in charge -  every detail is important. We focus on our client's satisfaction at all times. We've learned a great deal from homeowners in the Delaware and Pennsylvania area. We appreciate each bit of feedback we've gotten. If not for them, we wouldn't be working every day. As we continue to expand and offer our services in other areas, we'll carry on with the same quality that our customers have come to expect. We are proud of our work, keeping the areas we serve beautiful one property at a time. We appreciate your interest in our service. Have a wonderful day!"

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Started the Company
More than a decade ago we started UPL. Soon after, we expanded to add more services and service areas.

Added Services
In 2011 we added landscaping and hardscaping to an established lawn care business. Our first projects were patios, decks, and fire pits in the Delaware area.

Growing Fast
In 2018 we are serving a full suite of services to homeowners across Delaware and into Pennsylvania. We are constantly developing new ways to meet our customers’ needs.